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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Critters

Here I managed to get pic of all 3 together. Of course they are all waiting for a treat. It is so hard to get a good picture of Sabrina, black lab. She is 3 1/2 and the biggest chicken of all. The largest dog we have but she is afraid of storms and will not go outside by herself at night. Her own shadow scares her at night. But when her and Pepper wrestle, she sounds like a bear. Chia is the Keshound-13 yrs old and can't hear anymore and doesn't want bothered by the other animals. Pepper is the sissy PitBull, yes sissy. I keep telling her we need to toughen her up. She is very much a big baby and likes to be a lap dog. I rescued her in Dec of 08 and to me no one was good enough to adopt her. We fell in love with her right away and decided to keep her. When it comes to training and listening, she is the best one of the bunch. Not sure on her age, we put her at about 2. She loves everyone and will hop in any vehicle if she thinks she is going for a ride. Her and Sabrina love to wrestle. We can't let both of them outside together because they don't pay attention to what they are out there for because they just love to play together. You can also see the beautiful carpet beside her. She dug that hole shortly after I got her. She spent her alone time in a crate after that. Chia and Pepper were not here then. I got her lots of bones and squeekie toys to keep her busy after that and other then all the nail snags, no more carpet holes.

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