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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My little Sophie bug.  She is so adorable here.  She is 5 yrs old and only 4lbs.  He widdle wegs are so short.  She can't jump on bed so she will paw at side until I wake up and pick her up.  Then she sleeps on my thigh.  Right now I have a laundry basket and shoe box piled beside bed so she can get up.  One of these days I will get steps for her. 

I know she looks so funny here.  She is setting in the cat tree.  Probably bathing herself. 

And my TinkerBell.  This is how she was sleeping.  I think she sets around waiting for me to get home and set in the chair so she can set with me.  She is one of those cats that when she wants affection, she will tell you.  She lays with me on chair but don't dare pick her up or she has a fit.  And a HUGH mooch.  She is worse then the dogs. 

And Luka.  Luka was found wondering the streets bones showing.  She was picked up by a rescue and I could't pass her up.  Vet said she was only about 8 months old when I took her to be spayed.  She was already pregnant.  She is so soft and silky, long hair and I have never brushed her.  We have lived with her since July 2011.  Everyday I look at her and tell her I don't understand how someone could just throw her away.  But here she is playing in a shopping bag.  No need for cat toys here.  She loves the bags. 


Thought it was time for some updated pics of the critters.  The girls had just come home from the groomers.

Pepper loves her sissy. 

Crazy Sabrina (black lab).  She is just laying on her back. 

And as I said Pepper (Pit Bull) loves her sister.  They both have their own beds but Pepper has to be touching her.  Sometimes Sabrina gets so frustrated and gets up and moves and Pepper just follows her.

Pepper thinks she is a lap dog.


My son Bradley and his girlfriend Abby going to Homecoming.  All he needs here is a cane and hat.  Its so funny how without a girlfriend these things are stupid and with girlfriend its so cool and fun.  Meaning he would have never thought of going to Homecoming if he didn't have a girlfriend that wanted to go.  I'm glad they did cause they look so nice together.


My 2nd tile was this cute dog saying.  Brown vinyl with 8 different dog silhouettes. 


I put off for so long making one of these.  This was the 1st.  I think from now on I am gonna leave a larger margin at bottom so not so much is covered my easel.  Maybe just put a swirly thing or something.  These can be personalized with different names if wanted and different team.  Just a splash of color with the steel sign. 


I used one of my dogs for this.  Used a darker 12x12 tile and white vinyl which was a pain to weed.  Text contains her name and breed.  I can personalize this for any breed and any name.  Each phrase/word is a different font. 


Thought I would try a different sized tile.  This one is 9x12.  Used a brown vinyl.  Lots of different fonts.